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J.C. Amberlyn loves art, animals, and adventure in the Great Outdoors. She is an artist, book author, photographer, and animator. Her creative goal is to create visual and written works of art that strike a chord with her audience and that express her love for the life that shares this planet with us. Her work has received a number of awards and recognition and has been published in various media, including fine art magazines, comic books and the New York Times! She was especially honored to receive recognition from the Arizona Game and Fish Department for her work on wildlife in 2008 (Outdoor Writer of the Year) and a community award from Kingman, Arizona for her contributions to the arts in her community (Women Making History (Arts)). JC loves epic stories, engaging characters, inspiring art, and the various forms of media that allow people to share these stories- whether they are movies, graphic novels, TV shows or video games.



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