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Terms of Sale- Commissions

  • Price paid up front. If I do not produce the art within 8 months time (allowing for unexpected life changes, illnesses, etc) the buyer has the option of receiving a full refund or choosing to wait longer. If they choose to wait and 4 months pass with no art or plan in action that was agreed to by both parties, (a full year), they will receive a full refund.

  • No NSFW (Not Safe for Work). No porn.

  • I retain the right to choose to take on a project or not. I will draw animals and  furries that are realistic, stylized, or OCs (Original Characters). Other subjects, such as humans, I will decide on a case by case basis. Fan art: contact me. I may do some fan art but retain the right to choose on a case by case basis.

  • Payment with Paypal only right now.

  • Unless stated otherwise, buyer has up to 2 edits before final picture is produced. I usually come up with some sketches, show them to the buyer and the buyer picks one. I then do a more finalized sketch and receive the buyer's input before producing the final drawing.

  • Digital Art: You will receive a high resolution scan (300, 400, or 600 dpi): a .PDF, .PSD, or .TIFF (your choice) and a .jpg.

  • Traditional Art: An actual physical, original piece of art mailed or handed to you.

  • Art produced for commissions is for personal use only. Artist retains copyright to image; commissioner can use image for personal reasons, including making prints or posting the image online. (Please credit the artist if so.)

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