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I enjoy photographing both wildlife and pets. Whether I'm trekking through the wilderness or getting just the right shot in my backyard, I love to get photos of our animal companions and neighbors.

Mule Deer Doe Grooms Fawn

Mule deer, Arizona.

Sedona Ducks

Mallards in Sedona, AZ.


Raven pants in hot weather at Grand Canyon West, AZ.

Gray Fox

Gray fox, Kaibab National Forest, AZ


Young desert bighorn sheep and his mother, Black Mountains, AZ.

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Black Mountains, AZ.

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep, Boulder City, NV.

Blacktail Deer

Blacktail doe and fawn, Pacific Ocean. Point Reyes National Seashore, CA.

Black Footed Ferret

Black-footed ferret after it was released into the wild near Seligman, AZ.

Eared Grebe

Eared Grebe, Mohave County, AZ.


Hot honeybees take a drink during a heat wave.

Desert Pocket Mouse

Desert Pocket Mouse, Mohave County, AZ.


Gadwall duck takes off, Colorado River. Havasu Wildlife Refuge of Arizona.


Butterfly in high desert/Joshua tree habitat, Arizona.

Black-footed Ferret and Volunteer

A just-released wild black-footed ferret peers up at one of the volunteers who released it. Near Seligman, AZ.

House Finches

House finches, Kingman, AZ.

Unusual Clouds

Sunset at the Haulapai Mountains in Kingman, AZ

Wigeon Take Off

American Wigeon ducks take off at the Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course in Kingman, AZ


Stafford shire Terrier and Chow Chow mix enjoying the snow while wearing "antlers".


Poof dog in the snow.


German Shepherd Dog (mix?) fetching.

Border Collie

Ready to fetch a Frisbee.


Teddy, Stafford-shire Terrier and Chow Chow mix.

Kid and His Dog

Snow Day, AZ.

Border Collies

Fetching Frisbees.

Fun Time

Teddy and Jake enjoying a camping trip.


Mother alpaca and her newborn cria at Alpacas of the Southwest.


Puppies have sharp teeth!


Yorkie and his people.


Havanese puppy.

Chatta on the road

Chatta in the Joshua Tree forest of AZ.

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