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Y'ser Coyote, mascot for the "COYOTE" (COalition YOuth TEam) summer job program for youth held each year by the Mohave County One-Stop in Arizona.

Y'ser Coyote sign language for smart mascot art for 2007

Y'ser Coyote mascot art character design

Y'ser Coyote mascot art character design for Mohave County One-stop

2004-2010- I designed Y'ser Coyote for the Mohave County One-Stop's summer job program for youth, entitled COalition YOuth TEam, or "COYOTE". Y'ser is described as the "wiser" cousin of Wile E., who knows that an education and job skills are required for a successful entry into the American work force. Y'ser has to be appealing without being too "cutesy". As someone who likes coyotes anyway, I enjoy creating a new image of him each year as the program grows and becomes yet more successful. I draw the image in pencil first, ink it in, scan that into the computer and color it digitally from there.

(Images copyright JC Amberlyn/Mohave County One-Stop.)

You can find more about the program here.

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