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 Amberlyn Artworks

JC Amberlyn: Award-Winning Photography.
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AZ Sunset279 viewsArizona has spectacular sunsets.
(9 votes)
Red-spotted toad292 viewsMy red-spotted toad, Burble. (Captive situation.)
(4 votes)
Desert Pocket Mouse169 viewsThis little fellow froze in my flashlight beam one summer night in northwestern AZ. Pocket mice are kind of like kangaroo rats and may hop instead of run.
(4 votes)
Coyote Smile327 viewsI called in this coyote on a September morning in 2004, right after calling in the redtail hawk which also appears in this gallery. I wore camouflage and used a predator call (which sounds like a screaming rabbit) to bring him/her in. He then posed for me for about a half hour! This was my favorite shot.
(6 votes)
Black-tailed jackrabbit180 viewsI'm all ears!
(6 votes)
Quail call180 viewsA male Gambel's quail calls in the spring for a mate. Sadly, the high res version of this photo was lost due to a computer crash- always back up your photos!
(6 votes)
Elk Portrait220 views"Raghorn" elk bull stands in dappled light in the ponderosa pine trees that top our nearby mountains.
(7 votes)
Kite Day119 viewsI took this while covering a kite-flying event in a local park. The expressions are what make the picture.
(5 votes)
Red-tailed hawk206 viewsI called in this juvenile redtail with a predator call one September day in 2004.
(4 votes)
Fox Stare340 viewsThis Arizona gray fox popped up on a rock to get a better look at me after I blew on a predator call. I love the intense look in its eyes. I feel fortunate to have seen several foxes in the past year or so.
(11 votes)
Red-spotted toad 2293 viewsA wild red-spotted toad. More patterns in Nature.
(6 votes)
Elk Face261 views"Raghorn" elk bull makes a face. (May be doing "flehmen posture" in order to evaluate nearby female elk's readiness for breeding.)
(6 votes)
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