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JC Amberlyn: Award-Winning Photography.
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Bighorn-attitude597 viewsA young bighorn looks directly at me while his mom keeps munching in the background. Black Mountains, Arizona. They are part of the largest continuous herd of desert bighorns in the nation- right here in my backyard.
Mexican Spadefoot Toad507 viewsMy spadefoot toad, Spike. Spadefoots are amazing desert amphibians that burrow down underground and sleep most of the year away. When it rains hard, they emerge, feed and breed, and then burrow back down for another year. Their tadpoles have to race the desert sun and develop quickly!
(Captive photo)
Border Collie Intensity443 viewsA friend's Border Collie, showing the intensity the breed is known for. I should know- I have one myself and it's hard to keep up with these dogs!
Allen's Lappet-browed Bat408 viewsI took this photo while on assignment. I wrote and photographed an article on scientists who were studying a rare colony of Allen's Lappet-browed (or big-eared) bats in the Black Mountains of Arizona. This was taken with a flash inside a cave where a colony of these bats lived. It was a very cool experience to walk down in there with bats zooming by (and no, they didn't get tangled in my hair- their sonar is far too sophisticated for that!)!
Fox Stare340 viewsThis Arizona gray fox popped up on a rock to get a better look at me after I blew on a predator call. I love the intense look in its eyes. I feel fortunate to have seen several foxes in the past year or so.
Sedona Ducks333 viewsCathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. This location has been shot many times before, but I like this shot because of the mallard ducks that happened to be there that day- they match the scenery with the reds and greens of their plumage!
Coyote Smile327 viewsI called in this coyote on a September morning in 2004, right after calling in the redtail hawk which also appears in this gallery. I wore camouflage and used a predator call (which sounds like a screaming rabbit) to bring him/her in. He then posed for me for about a half hour! This was my favorite shot.
Desert Bighorn Sheep- Double Vision322 viewsThese wild bighorn rams near Boulder City, Nevada, and the Hoover Dam were in the middle of rut when I took this photo sometime around July. The male on the right lifts his lip in the "flehmen" posture, smelling for the scent of a ewe ready to breed. The sheep come down to a park to feed and aren't terribly afraid of people.
Red-spotted toad 2293 viewsA wild red-spotted toad. More patterns in Nature.
Red-spotted toad292 viewsMy red-spotted toad, Burble. (Captive situation.)
AZ Sunset279 viewsArizona has spectacular sunsets.
Queen butterfly272 viewsA butterfly sits on a palo christi plant.
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