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Dancer268 viewsI took this photo during a dance competition.
Horse Soccer265 viewsThe new sport of horse soccer! I photographed this demonstration being put on in Golden Valley, Arizona.
Car Wash247 viewsCar washes can be a good way to get interesting photos- especially if you stay INSIDE the car, as I did here. You get a few odd looks from some people, but you also get good photographs- such as this one. With this, I won a 1st Place award for Best Feature Photograph in 2007 by the Arizona Newspapers Association (a state-wide award!). Looks like the kid was having fun, too!
Rodeo238 viewsA cowboy makes a hard landing during a recent Arizona rodeo. (He got up and walked away with no apparent problems.) This helped me win a Western Newspapers award for Sports Photography.
Jump225 viewsLocal kids enjoy a jump rope. I used a delayed flash to get the "streaked" effect.
Walk in the Park223 viewsPeople walk and play as the sun sets at a local Kingman park. I was in the park covering a sports event and I liked the way the setting sun filtered through the trees, which also framed the softball players nicely. This photo was picked up by the Associated Press.
Junior Rodeo214 viewsYoung boy practices his rodeo skills.
Air Show208 viewsAir and Auto Show photo from a few years ago. A stunt man hangs on to a helicopter in flight.
Grand Canyon Skywalk178 viewsThis is my award-winning photo of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which ran in many newspapers around the world. There were about 300 reporters/photographers from around the world in "my neck of the woods" that day. Afterwards, the New York Times called me and asked to run my photo! (I said yes, of course.) All that stood between me and the floor of Grand Canyon West below (about 3000 feet) was a thin pane of glass. And keep in mind, I'm afraid of heights!
Swimming159 viewsLocal swimming pool shot.
Fun in Sun159 viewsWater volleyball- in the desert!
Car Show-reflection133 viewsI have a lot of fun with reflections (you'll probably notice that looking through my work). This was the reflection of a man looking at some classic cars as seen on a classic car's wheel.
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