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JC Amberlyn: Award-Winning Photography.
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Grand Canyon view176 viewsGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
Mount Nutt Wilderness161 viewsA wide-angle landscape shot of a nearby wilderness area in the Black Mountains of northwest Arizona. This is excellent desert bighorn sheep habitat.
Red-spotted toad 2293 viewsA wild red-spotted toad. More patterns in Nature.
Sailing Lake Roosevelt in Arizona186 viewsA friend's self-built sailboat graces the waters of Lake Roosevelt.
Sedona Ducks333 viewsCathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. This location has been shot many times before, but I like this shot because of the mallard ducks that happened to be there that day- they match the scenery with the reds and greens of their plumage!
Starling Moon252 viewsPatterns in nature.
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