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Air Show208 viewsAir and Auto Show photo from a few years ago. A stunt man hangs on to a helicopter in flight.
Art Show102 viewsThis is from a local art show. As an artist stands by her work display, her reflection can be seen across the aisle in another artist's paintings.
Barrel-racing108 viewsFrom a local rodeo.
Basketball 2125 viewsAnother older image of a local basketball game, shot with a 2 MP camera and a fast lens. Getting action shots indoors at high school games isn't easy.
Bighorn skull115 viewsA couple contemplates a bighorn sheep skull during a wildlife workshop a few years ago.
Bike Ride92 viewsTwo kids enjoying the golden days of summer.
High School Bonfire107 viewsAnnual high school bonfire.
Bridge game110 viewsSome people having a good time at the Adult Center. I like capturing the interactions and emotions of people (and animals).
Car Show-reflection133 viewsI have a lot of fun with reflections (you'll probably notice that looking through my work). This was the reflection of a man looking at some classic cars as seen on a classic car's wheel.
Dance115 viewsDifficult dance move. Note the reactions in the background!
Dance steps97 viewsSometimes it's good to close in on a detail as you shoot- such as the fancy footwork and swirling dress of these dancers.
Dusty Rider93 viewsI couldn't pass this up- the rider and his dog kindly obliged me as I took a photo.
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