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Dusty Rider93 viewsI couldn't pass this up- the rider and his dog kindly obliged me as I took a photo.
Kingman Fun Run photo.85 viewsMore fun with reflections.
Route 66 Fun Run Cover.118 viewsI like how this turned out. The driver of the classic car was kind enough to drive out a bit on Route 66 so I could take the shot (going back to the edge of the road whenever a car went by). For clarification, I did not do the text portion on this cover.
Joy of Gardening110 viewsEveryone seemed to enjoy themselves as these preschoolers tried their hand at gardening. The expressions make the photo.
Grand Canyon Skywalk178 viewsThis is my award-winning photo of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which ran in many newspapers around the world. There were about 300 reporters/photographers from around the world in "my neck of the woods" that day. Afterwards, the New York Times called me and asked to run my photo! (I said yes, of course.) All that stood between me and the floor of Grand Canyon West below (about 3000 feet) was a thin pane of glass. And keep in mind, I'm afraid of heights!
Halloween122 views"Harry Potter" and friends walk through an elaborate Halloween setup someone created in the entranceway of their home one Hallow's Eve.
Dancer268 viewsI took this photo during a dance competition.
Horse Soccer265 viewsThe new sport of horse soccer! I photographed this demonstration being put on in Golden Valley, Arizona.
Industry108 viewsA photo inside a local factory that I took for a newspaper article. Factories can be fascinating places to take pictures.
It's a Bug!115 viewsThree girls react to a large bug.
Jump225 viewsLocal kids enjoy a jump rope. I used a delayed flash to get the "streaked" effect.
Kite Day119 viewsI took this while covering a kite-flying event in a local park. The expressions are what make the picture.
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