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Rodeo238 viewsA cowboy makes a hard landing during a recent Arizona rodeo. (He got up and walked away with no apparent problems.) This helped me win a Western Newspapers award for Sports Photography.
Walk in the Park223 viewsPeople walk and play as the sun sets at a local Kingman park. I was in the park covering a sports event and I liked the way the setting sun filtered through the trees, which also framed the softball players nicely. This photo was picked up by the Associated Press.
Ouch!132 viewsI was out covering a business grand opening when I came across this girl and someone else's puppy. I took several photos but this shot captured that one moment that counts! Girl and puppy were both OK after this picture.
Kite Day119 viewsI took this while covering a kite-flying event in a local park. The expressions are what make the picture.
Car Wash247 viewsCar washes can be a good way to get interesting photos- especially if you stay INSIDE the car, as I did here. You get a few odd looks from some people, but you also get good photographs- such as this one. With this, I won a 1st Place award for Best Feature Photograph in 2007 by the Arizona Newspapers Association (a state-wide award!). Looks like the kid was having fun, too!
Basketball121 viewsAn older image I took (with a 2 MP camera) of a local basketball game.
Basketball 2125 viewsAnother older image of a local basketball game, shot with a 2 MP camera and a fast lens. Getting action shots indoors at high school games isn't easy.
Barrel-racing108 viewsFrom a local rodeo.
Art Show102 viewsThis is from a local art show. As an artist stands by her work display, her reflection can be seen across the aisle in another artist's paintings.
Air Show208 viewsAir and Auto Show photo from a few years ago. A stunt man hangs on to a helicopter in flight.
Car Show-reflection133 viewsI have a lot of fun with reflections (you'll probably notice that looking through my work). This was the reflection of a man looking at some classic cars as seen on a classic car's wheel.
Bridge game110 viewsSome people having a good time at the Adult Center. I like capturing the interactions and emotions of people (and animals).
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