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Junior Rodeo214 viewsYoung boy practices his rodeo skills.
Fun in Sun159 viewsWater volleyball- in the desert!
Swimming159 viewsLocal swimming pool shot.
Snow fight100 viewsI like the expression here. Shot in the nearby mountains in winter.
Sedona lady108 viewsA woman waits for her friend to return at a historical Sedona, Arizona location.
Schoolhouse Rock118 viewsA play put on by local kids one year. A parent's flash went off at just the right moment, adding the shadows at the top. All the other photos I took do not have that effect, and are less interesting as a result. This is one reason I take lots of photos!
Basketball121 viewsAn older image I took (with a 2 MP camera) of a local basketball game.
Softball132 viewsLocal adult softball game. I find my practice at wildlife photography helps me in capturing the action of sports as well. Both subjects require quick shooting.
Rodeo238 viewsA cowboy makes a hard landing during a recent Arizona rodeo. (He got up and walked away with no apparent problems.) This helped me win a Western Newspapers award for Sports Photography.
Walk in the Park223 viewsPeople walk and play as the sun sets at a local Kingman park. I was in the park covering a sports event and I liked the way the setting sun filtered through the trees, which also framed the softball players nicely. This photo was picked up by the Associated Press.
Ouch!132 viewsI was out covering a business grand opening when I came across this girl and someone else's puppy. I took several photos but this shot captured that one moment that counts! Girl and puppy were both OK after this picture.
Old Glory104 viewsI chose a slow shutter speed so I could get a blurred effect, hinting at the movement in the wind.
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