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Red-spotted toad 2293 viewsA wild red-spotted toad. More patterns in Nature.
Sailing Lake Roosevelt in Arizona186 viewsA friend's self-built sailboat graces the waters of Lake Roosevelt.
Sedona Ducks333 viewsCathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. This location has been shot many times before, but I like this shot because of the mallard ducks that happened to be there that day- they match the scenery with the reds and greens of their plumage!
Starling Moon252 viewsPatterns in nature.
AZ Sunset279 viewsArizona has spectacular sunsets.
Red-spotted toad292 viewsMy red-spotted toad, Burble. (Captive situation.)
Mexican Spadefoot Toad507 viewsMy spadefoot toad, Spike. Spadefoots are amazing desert amphibians that burrow down underground and sleep most of the year away. When it rains hard, they emerge, feed and breed, and then burrow back down for another year. Their tadpoles have to race the desert sun and develop quickly!
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