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Joshua Tree Sunset176 viewsThe iconic Joshua Tree, photo taken north of Kingman at sunset.
Katydid264 viewsA katydid hides among leaves in my backyard one summer morning. Note how the insect has whitish lines that mimic the veins of the leaf it sits on. This photo helped me win a Western Newspapers Feature Photography award.
Curve-billed thrasher169 viewsCurve-billed thrasher keeps a wary eye on me through the arms of a cholla cactus. Its nest was nearby. I took a photo and left the area.
Mount Nutt Wilderness161 viewsA wide-angle landscape shot of a nearby wilderness area in the Black Mountains of northwest Arizona. This is excellent desert bighorn sheep habitat.
Mountain Goat 2169 viewsScanned from a 35mm film print. Mountain goat at Mount Evans, Colorado. The sky really was this color!
Mountain Goat161 viewsScanned from a 35mm film print. Mountain goat at Mount Evans, Colorado.
River Otter Stare159 viewsOne of my favorite animals- the river otter! I got this photo after quietly standing near a pond in Florida for about half an hour, photographing whatever came by.
Phainopepla167 viewsStriking desert bird. Note the mistletoe berries, a favorite food.
Desert Pocket Mouse169 viewsThis little fellow froze in my flashlight beam one summer night in northwestern AZ. Pocket mice are kind of like kangaroo rats and may hop instead of run.
Pronghorn235 viewsSunrise photo of a pronghorn antelope in Aubrey Valley, Arizona.
Quail call180 viewsA male Gambel's quail calls in the spring for a mate. Sadly, the high res version of this photo was lost due to a computer crash- always back up your photos!
Queen butterfly272 viewsA butterfly sits on a palo christi plant.
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