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Elk Portrait220 views"Raghorn" elk bull stands in dappled light in the ponderosa pine trees that top our nearby mountains.
Elk Yawn192 viewsSeveral elk take it easy in the Hualapai mountains here in northern Arizona. The cow at right yawns, and you can see her "ivories" (canine teeth). Elk are the only North American deer that have canine teeth.
Fox Stare340 viewsThis Arizona gray fox popped up on a rock to get a better look at me after I blew on a predator call. I love the intense look in its eyes. I feel fortunate to have seen several foxes in the past year or so.
Gannets180 viewsThis is a scanned-in photo, taken with a 35mm film camera (Canon Elan II) back in 2002. I took the photo at Bass Rock, off the coast of Scotland. What an adventure!
Black-tailed gnatcatcher170 viewsThis bird is hard to get a photo of, simply because it never seems to stop moving.
Grand Canyon view176 viewsGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
Harris' Antelope Ground Squirrel on Prickly Pear Cactus184 viewsThis ground squirrel sat on a prickly perch and munched on sweet, juicy fruit as I took photos one hot summer day near my home. I was on assignment for something else, but noticed the squirrel on my way back to the car and the result was one of my more favorite photos.
Harris' Antelope Ground Squirrels155 viewsTwo squirrels "play tug-of-war" for a bean pod. (Mesquite bean pod?)
Red-tailed hawk206 viewsI called in this juvenile redtail with a predator call one September day in 2004.
Hawk170 viewsA sharp-shinned (or is it Coopers?) hawk in my backyard.
Short horned lizard171 viewsA baby horned lizard- note the juniper berries in the foreground for size comparison!
Black-tailed jackrabbit180 viewsI'm all ears!
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