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Hawk170 viewsA sharp-shinned (or is it Coopers?) hawk in my backyard.
Desert Pocket Mouse169 viewsThis little fellow froze in my flashlight beam one summer night in northwestern AZ. Pocket mice are kind of like kangaroo rats and may hop instead of run.
Coyote run2228 viewsI used a "screaming rabbit" predator call to lure this gray-colored coyote in one cold January morning not too far from my house. His mate was with him, and they both ran back and forth in front of me several times before moving on to other things.
Curve-billed thrasher169 viewsCurve-billed thrasher keeps a wary eye on me through the arms of a cholla cactus. Its nest was nearby. I took a photo and left the area.
Katydid264 viewsA katydid hides among leaves in my backyard one summer morning. Note how the insect has whitish lines that mimic the veins of the leaf it sits on. This photo helped me win a Western Newspapers Feature Photography award.
Harris' Antelope Ground Squirrel on Prickly Pear Cactus184 viewsThis ground squirrel sat on a prickly perch and munched on sweet, juicy fruit as I took photos one hot summer day near my home. I was on assignment for something else, but noticed the squirrel on my way back to the car and the result was one of my more favorite photos.
Desert Bighorn Sheep- Double Vision322 viewsThese wild bighorn rams near Boulder City, Nevada, and the Hoover Dam were in the middle of rut when I took this photo sometime around July. The male on the right lifts his lip in the "flehmen" posture, smelling for the scent of a ewe ready to breed. The sheep come down to a park to feed and aren't terribly afraid of people.
Allen's Lappet-browed Bat408 viewsI took this photo while on assignment. I wrote and photographed an article on scientists who were studying a rare colony of Allen's Lappet-browed (or big-eared) bats in the Black Mountains of Arizona. This was taken with a flash inside a cave where a colony of these bats lived. It was a very cool experience to walk down in there with bats zooming by (and no, they didn't get tangled in my hair- their sonar is far too sophisticated for that!)!
Elk Portrait220 views"Raghorn" elk bull stands in dappled light in the ponderosa pine trees that top our nearby mountains.
Elk Face261 views"Raghorn" elk bull makes a face. (May be doing "flehmen posture" in order to evaluate nearby female elk's readiness for breeding.)
Mule Deer Fawn240 viewsA scanned photo from a 35mm film picture I took in Zion National Park several years ago.
Campground Cardinal208 viewsA cardinal I photographed at Lake Roosevelt in AZ. I like how the teardrop shape of the rope is echoed in the teardrop shape of the bird.
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