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JC Amberlyn: Award-Winning Photography.
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Best of JC Amberlyn-Nature


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Best of JC Amberlyn-News


Some of my best or favorite news photos taken while working for the Kingman Daily Miner. This is meant as a portfolio only, so little specific information is given.

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Ouch!132 viewsI was out covering a business grand opening when I came across this girl and someone else's puppy. I took several photos but this shot captured that one moment that counts! Girl and puppy were both OK after this picture.
Oatman Gunfighters109 viewsFlavor of the wild west- courtesy of nearby Oatman, Arizona.
River Otter Stare159 viewsOne of my favorite animals- the river otter! I got this photo after quietly standing near a pond in Florida for about half an hour, photographing whatever came by.
Car Wash247 viewsCar washes can be a good way to get interesting photos- especially if you stay INSIDE the car, as I did here. You get a few odd looks from some people, but you also get good photographs- such as this one. With this, I won a 1st Place award for Best Feature Photograph in 2007 by the Arizona Newspapers Association (a state-wide award!). Looks like the kid was having fun, too!
Mexican Spadefoot Toad507 viewsMy spadefoot toad, Spike. Spadefoots are amazing desert amphibians that burrow down underground and sleep most of the year away. When it rains hard, they emerge, feed and breed, and then burrow back down for another year. Their tadpoles have to race the desert sun and develop quickly!
(Captive photo)
Quail peek62 viewsFemale Gambel's quail and I encountered each other in the thick brush of a canyon. Her babies were nearby but they ran off before I could get a good photo.
Gannets180 viewsThis is a scanned-in photo, taken with a 35mm film camera (Canon Elan II) back in 2002. I took the photo at Bass Rock, off the coast of Scotland. What an adventure!
Dance115 viewsDifficult dance move. Note the reactions in the background!

Last additions
Horse Soccer265 viewsThe new sport of horse soccer! I photographed this demonstration being put on in Golden Valley, Arizona.Mar 01, 2010
Dancer268 viewsI took this photo during a dance competition.Mar 01, 2010
Fox Stare340 viewsThis Arizona gray fox popped up on a rock to get a better look at me after I blew on a predator call. I love the intense look in its eyes. I feel fortunate to have seen several foxes in the past year or so.Mar 01, 2010
Coyote Smile327 viewsI called in this coyote on a September morning in 2004, right after calling in the redtail hawk which also appears in this gallery. I wore camouflage and used a predator call (which sounds like a screaming rabbit) to bring him/her in. He then posed for me for about a half hour! This was my favorite shot.May 25, 2008
Pronghorn235 viewsSunrise photo of a pronghorn antelope in Aubrey Valley, Arizona.May 25, 2008
Queen butterfly272 viewsA butterfly sits on a palo christi plant.May 25, 2008
Red-spotted toad 2293 viewsA wild red-spotted toad. More patterns in Nature.May 25, 2008
Starling Moon252 viewsPatterns in nature.May 25, 2008