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I am currently a photo and videojournalist working for a newspaper in Arizona, which gives me a lot of photographic opportunities. Check out my photo galleries, where I showcase some of my best newspaper photographs as well as plenty of my first passion, which is wildlife and nature photography.

Amberlyn Photo Gallery: Best of Nature Photography

Amberlyn Photo Gallery: Best of News Photography

Also check out the video page for the Kingman Daily Miner. I shoot, edit and put short video of various subjects up on the web. I do everything except the music, and I'm working on that, too. At home I have a PC. At work we use Macs, and I'm using Final Cut Pro to edit the videos you see on the KDM website. The videocamera I use is a HDV Canon.

Here are links to some favorite videos that I filmed and produced:

Kingman Kut-Ups Square Dancing Jubilee, Partnership: Hawk, Hound and Human,

2008 Route 66 Fun Run, Mohave Education Festival 2008, and Festival of the Arts.

Below: Grand Canyon Skywalk. This photo won the Arizona AP Photo of the Month Award for March 2007. It has run in the New York Times and in newspapers all over the world.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Lappet-browed batsSmiling coyote

Above: Allen's Lappet-browed bats (also known as Allen's big-eared bats) "just hanging around" and an Arizona coyote.