Welcome to the "Out of Oakwood Forest" character page! "Out of Oakwood Forest", or OOOF, is the name of a cast of woodland animals created by J.C. Amberlyn that have appeared in the nationally distributed comic book "Furrlough" published by Radio Comix.

They also appeared in the "Mountain Press" Newspaper, a small paper in California, back in 1983 under the name "Rusty the Red Fox and His Friends".

This page contains pictures and descriptions of each of the characters.


Rusty the Red Fox Pup

Rusty, often a central character in OOOF, is a young fox who doesn't seem to have any parents. However, he has more than one pair of eyes looking out for him- most of the OOOF characters are friends of his and several of them take a personal interest in the young canid. Furr Coyote, in particular, is the mother figure in his life. Angelica Jay is often seen with the fox, too- perhaps because of their similar size and shared love of adventure and excitement.

Not that Rusty needs a lot of care and attention, though! He is a rather independant, mischevious pup who carries the cleverness and quickness of the fox within. However, he is thoughtful for his age and shows signs of being a future leader.




Furr Coyote

Furr Coyote is a study of contrasts, much like a real coyote. She can be motherly and soft to some creatures such as Rusty and quick, aggressive, and hard to an enemy.

She is a survivor, extremely smart and tough, having learned much from the School of Hard Knocks and lived to tell about it. Originally an outsider who came to live in Oakwood Forest for unknown reasons (she doesn't talk about her past much), she has a country/southern accent. She enjoys a challenge and a good game of wits, which she has always won.... so far! A hard life has left her very practical and no-nonsense, but she isn't jaded or bitter. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", right?

Furr is the unofficial leader of the group- most of the animals look to her for advice in dangerous situations. Yipper Coyote has a crush on her, but she is several years older than he is. She seems to have affection for him, but also seems a bit intrigued by Yowler Wolf, who is about her age and has also experienced life with all its ups and downs.



Yipper Coyote

Yipper Coyote could be called the typical representation of the "dumb pup of the litter"- not the brightest coyote, nor the bravest, or strongest.... basically scaredy, unaggressive, and just plain niave sometimes. He is not a good hunter and has to scavenge other's food quite often.

However, this gentle spirit seems to have two things going for him- speed and luck! Those long legs have a lot of practice in carrying him quickly away from danger, and Yipper is probably the fastest runner of all the characters. He also seems to live by luck- which can be both good and bad, so he has a knack for getting into trouble, then getting out of it!

Yipper has a crush on Furr Coyote, but is too shy to tell her about it. He also idolizes Yowler Wolf and sometimes follows him around, to the wolf's semi-annoyance.

Despite his weaknesses, Yipper is capable of suprising strength of spirit when it is called for....


Justin O'possum

Justin is not your average 'possum. Perhaps it's because he was raised in a wildlife rehabilitation center, or perhaps he was just born that way- for whatever reason, he is very much his own individual. In his case, he could best be described as a "party animal".

Justin loves to laugh. He enjoys joking around and having a good time. He has been known to make play practical jokes, he loves to be lazy, and he basicly breezes through life as much as possible. His motto in life is something like "Eat, drink, and be merry". Very good natured for a 'possum, he tends to be of the "live and let live" mentality.

He can be careless and thoughtless sometimes, but wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone. His best friend is Rocky Road Raccoon, who he hangs out with a lot of the time.

Justin is not particularly brave but he can be suprisingly clever for a 'possum at times, and enjoys coming up with ideas (usually some pretty far-out ones, at that) and trying to make them work. Most of these ideas involve food- well, hey, there's nothing better than a good meal, right?


Rocky Road Raccoon

Rocky Road Raccoon (...that's Rocky Road, not Rocky, mind you!) is the introvert to Justin's extrovert. One thing is obvious to anyone, however- he loves food! What raccoon doesn't? He's not picky in the least, either, though as his name implies he has a weakness for sweets. He and his best friend Justin O'possum are frequently spotted gorging themselves on berries in the Berry Patch or raiding campsites at the local human campground!

Rocky Road tends to be thoughtful, quiet, and someone who values his personal space. He's rarely in a hurry and likes the simple things in life. However, being a raccoon, he's quite clever (and has very nimble fingers) and likes a little excitement and adventure occasionally to keep things from getting boring!

He does sometimes jump to conclusions and has been known to be judgemental, but usually he's pretty easygoing, just looking for some food, fun, and quiet.

And shiny things- yes, shiny things are always good....


Bellever River Otter

Bellever is rather serious-minded for an otter, but he still likes to have fun. He would be the perfect "older brother": responsible, thoughtful, caring, brave, and smart, too! He often spends time with Rusty when the young fox is playing or hunting near Strawberry Creek or Ready-or-Not River, which is where Bellever calls home.

He is not one to force his ideas upon others, but is ready with a steady, gentle guidance when asked for advice.

Bellever is a bit lonely- he doesn't know any other otters nearby, so he spends time alone or with his friends from other species. Very good-natured, he gets along with just about everyone. Even Furr Coyote and Yowler Wolf like him and take him seriously.

He is sometimes too passive and quiet, but he will leap into action and do whatever is needed when the need truly arises.



Angelica Stellar's Jay

Jays are noisy, squawking, loud and busy birds, and Angelica is no exception. Brash and bold, she likes to know what's going on in the woods, then tell everyone about it!

Angelica is the most "streetwise" of the group- she can go places the others can't, even into the midst of humans during broad daylight! This gives her a perspective that the others don't have, and she's often a useful bird to know!

She sometimes speaks before she thinks, and tends not to be one to mince words- she'll tell you exactly what she thinks of you! No time to waste with subleties....

She likes spending time with Rusty, and Justin and Rocky Road can be amusing to watch at times... she's basically a busybody and wishes she could be everywhere at once!



Yowler Wolf

Yowler, unlike most wolves, is actually a "lone wolf". He lives alone in Desolation Wilderness, and likes it that way. Or at least that's what he says. The few whom he has allowed to get to know him a little might say differently... given his wolf nature, it sometimes seems he's a lot more lonely than he would ever admit. But he is the only wolf in the entire area... no others of his kind exist in Oakwood Forest. How he got here is a mystery- he just showed up one day- but, like Furr Coyote, he's not telling. He has also never explained why he wears a red neckerchief around his neck, much like a dog would.

Yowler is not one whom you would press with questions, either- he has sharp teeth and knows how to use them! He is strong, an excellent fighter and hunter, and usually rather surly and distant.However, as a few have witnessed, no braver or more dedicated friend could be relied upon during a crisis... he is the kind who, when he does commit to something, gets it done. He believes in honor and truth and has little tolerance for frivolity, which means he can't stand Justin O'possum and Rocky Road Raccoon! He has respect, and maybe even something more, for Furr Coyote, and while he acts like Yipper Coyote is the greatest annoyance in the world at times, would actually risk his life to save the "crazy coyote". The two coyotes fill a void in his life, such as has happened with wild coyotes and wolves in the past when wolves have been scarce and coyotes abundant.



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