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Here I will continue the Out of Oakwood Forest "Coyote's Christmas" story, which used to run in the now-ending APA zine Huzzah. (www.huzzah.com)

Look below to read about the story so far and click here to meet and learn about all the main characters of Out of Oakwood Forest.

A day late, but here's 5 new pages, including the exciting climax! Stay tuned next time (August 31st, I hope), when the story wraps up....

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"A Coyote's Christmas" is a story I did for fun, starting in 1991 and finishing in 1992. (Actually, I did a version of it back in 1986 or so, but long ago lost the drawing pad it was in- but I remembered the gist of it, and drew it again, improved, years later....) Looking back at it, it has many errors, is extremely sappy, and (I would hope) I could do a lot better, both story and art-wise, today. Despite all that, I still like the story and decided to share it with the audience of the wonderful artist's APA zine "Huzzah". Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so has "Huzzah"- but not this story just yet, I've decided. So now I shall be continuing it online for anyone who has been following it.

This story features "Cuffy Kitten", Rusty's tomboyish friend. I eventually stopped using her since she didn't quite fit in with the "wild animal" theme... I'm thinking of possibly bringing her back as a bobcat kitten, however.


The "Out of Oakwood Forest" gang has been getting ready for Christmas.... They have decorated a tree with baubles and lights that a human friend has given them, and Furr Coyote has been keeping things running fairly smoothly- at least for awhile. However, the high expectations and excitement, coupled with lots of wild animals trying to get along together peacefully, has turned to stress, and everyone has managed to get mad at each other. Yipper Coyote was saddened by this, and left to find "the real spirit of Christmas". Along the way, he met an old bobcat named "Betty" and the two, wary of each other at first, become friends. Betty, being a very lonely old cat, enjoyed their time together and gave Yipper a scarf she found as a gift to say Thank you. At the end of the last installment in Huzzah, Yipper had left Betty to come back home when a storm whipped up, and the sudden strong gusts of wind managed to knock him over a cliff. Luckily for him, the scarf Betty gave him, now wrapped around his neck, snagged on a stray branch and prevented him from falling to his doom! Now he is stuck, unable to get back over the cliff and slowly choking....and no one knows where he is......*insert dramatic sounds here*


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