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The Associated Press' "Arizona Photo of the Month", March 2007- Grand Canyon Skywalk Opening.

Grand Canyon Skywalk award winning photo

March 20, 2007- I found myself at the edge of the Grand Canyon- and going over it- while covering the opening of the new glass Skywalk in the Hualapai Indian Reservation's Grand Canyon West. The reservation is just west of the famous National Park here in Arizona and the new, clear glass-bottomed Skywalk juts out over the Canyon edge, the bottom of which is up to 4,000 feet below. The Hualapai people held an opening ceremony that day before opening it to the public about a week later, and about 350 members of the media from all over the world were allowed to walk onto it (not all at once)! This was also the first, and only, time that cameras were allowed on the Skywalk. I was told that no cameras would be allowed after that day, to prevent any possible chipping of glass by tourist's cameras dropping on the Skywalk. (There are now some mounted cameras on the Skywalk itself that take photos, which you can purchase later.) Weeks before I even went onto the Skywalk, I had a picture inside of my head of what photo I wanted to capture. I wanted something that showed a view of feet walking over the Grand Canyon, with only a sheet of clear glass between the walker and eternity.

I took several images but I thought this was one of the most striking and close to my original idea, capturing both the visitors' reflections and the canyon below. Keep in mind I'm afraid of heights! I just kept myself focused on the task at hand, which was capture the best photo I could. Apparently I accomplished my goal, because this photo was picked up by AP and I saw it on news websites all over the world. The New York Times later called me up for the photo at work and ran it as a large color image on the front of their B section. I have also been approached by others interested in publishing this photograph, and if it is published elsewhere to my knowledge I will post that here.

(Photo copyright JC Amberlyn/Kingman Daily Miner.)

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