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8/7/01 New! Uploaded a pic of Squall from FF8. Actually, this is perhaps the only FF game released to the US I have yet to play- this pic was a work-related request.

My god! 5000 hits! I need to celebrate...


Well, here's something new, though technically it isn't anime, but...ah...close enough. If you like anime, you may like Elfquest, anyway. It's back! Woohoo! After reading the new Summer Special 2001, I felt compelled to draw Skywise. I feel for him.

Older news...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while... I thought I was busy with my job, but I found out I'm even busier without one! All my time has been going to trying to achieve gainful employment, as they say. It may be a while before I do much here, but I'll continue to update some. I went through some old Zips and found some Pokemon and Transformers fanart I had done. I've also added (finally!) a little Chrono Trigger drawing I did while doodling recently. And a color Trunks piccie that I'll probably put up as an icon on my website some point.

JC Amberlyn 7/18/01


NEW! Squall from FF8.

NEW! Skywise and Timmain (wolf form) from Elfquest. Characters copyright Richard and Wendy Pini- for more info on the new issue, go to the official Elfquest site.

NEW! Future (Mirai) Trunks tries art therapy.

NEW- Pokemon- Super cute Togepi and Pikablu (that's what I call it anyway...not it's official name) I did for a friend.

NEW! Pokemon- a use for Scyther!

NEW! Pokemon- Cubone!

Miroku and Shippou from Inu Yasha. What is it about shady anime priests that I like so much? :) First Xellos, then Wolfwood, now Miroku.....
Oh well....
The sound effects are my first attempt at putting actual Japanese into my drawings. If I got it right, (I hope!) Miroku is sighing and Shippou's making a "jangling" sound effect. This was inspired after getting a huge Japanese Inu Yasha manga and reading it via translations available on the Internet.

Sanosuke from Rorouni Kenshin.

It had to happen! My first two favorite anime series finally cross roads... Tenchi Muyo meets Slayers!!! (Warning- Spoiler alert for those of you who don't know who/what Xellos is...)

Trigun- Vash the Stampede is pursued by the Giant Deadly Donut of Death -Or..."Didn't Your Mom Ever Tell You That Donuts Are Bad For You"?

Better quality image of the Koinosuke pic I have on my Splash page.

Faris from Square's Final Fantasy 5

Future (Mirai) Trunks from Dragonball Z feeding the squirrels:).

Yes, I like the Transformers too- here's my fav Starscream!


NEW! Frog and Magus from Chrono Trigger, also trying some art therapy.

NEW! Hound from the Transformers. I played him on a MUSH once. (Tf2005K or something like that....)

As I've noticed lately that there are remarkable similarities between Inu Yasha and Trigun...a hero in a red outfit, a shady priest dressed in black, an evil brother, a manipulative psychopath,....sounding fimiliar? It inspired this...Here is the Inu Yasha gang dressed up as Trigun characters!

Sanosuke! On a coolness factor of 1 through 10 this guy gets a 103 from me...He and Future Trunks from DBZ are probably my fav anime hunks...:) This picture could be better- it's not perfect by any means- but I decided to go ahead and put it up anyway.

This won me a mousepad (that I'm still using!:)) from Viz Comics' "The Great No Need for Tenchi! Fan Art Contest!" (Printed in issue Part Nine Number 3.) Enjoy! Ryo-Oh-Ki VS. Pikachu!

An Inu Yasha pic of- Why it's just as well that Kagome's buddies don't usually come to her world...:)

An Inu Yasha pic of- Why it's just as well that Kagome's buddies don't usually come to her world... Part 2...! And yes- I know there are a few Pokemon who wear clothes... (betcha you're wonderin' what this is all about now, huh?:))

"Why It's Just as Well Kagome's Friends Don't Often Come to Her World" Part 3.

NEW- "Why It's Just as Well Kagome's Friends Don't Often Come to Her World" Part 4. NEW- "Why It's Just as Well Kagome's Friends Don't Often Come to Her World" Part 5.

Doggie Bowl ShowDown!!!! Inu Yasha VS Koinosuke. Ok, this is what I do at 4 in the morning when I can't sleep because my neighbors woke me up...:P Agh! I gotta stop doing these dog-boy pics...:)

Future (Mirai) Trunks- pencil drawing.

Koinosuke in the doghouse- literally:)

Sketch of Jiyu and Koinosuke ("Please wear the Lovely Eyepatch!!!" (Jiyu looks at viewer- Would YOU wear that thing????))

Sketch of Jiyu/ Jubei-chan herself.

Sketch of Sai!

Chibi Xellos from Slayers

I need to mention here that while I appreciate people's interest in this site, this is not meant as a site for people to submit their art or fanfics. I've received a few, and have enjoyed looking at or reading the creative work, but this site is not really the place for that. There are many sites out there looking for fanart and fanfics- (such as for fanfics) -you should send your work there. This is just meant as a subset from my Main art page to showcase my artwork of other people's characters, as well as share some anime I have with others.

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