IMPORTANT: Dawn Sanada (?)- I erased your email by mistake- it was lost in a flood of spam- could you resend? Other: Sorry for the lack of updates... I'm curently working on a book! I hope to update again in two months or so... (March 2004).
Here I have several pictures I've drawn of my favorite anime series. The characters are copyrighted to their respective studios and creators but the images are my own.The lonely samurai to the right is Koinosuke. (Sadly, a lot of my Jubei-Chan pics were destroyed by my computer bugging out recently... I will do something soon.)
And, of course, all my images are copyrighted to me. Do not steal them or I will tell Koinosuke that you stole the Lovely Eyepatch!
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I haven't forgotten this page, and I hope to do some fanart again....I've just been so busy! :P But I have heard the comments in my guestbook and I know my fans want more! :)

Thank you for the comments- I will change the look of this page once I update again- I realize the text here is rather jumbled on some people's screens and I plan on changing that.


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All episodes seen: Trigun, Jubei-chan, Fushigi Yugi and Cowboy Bebop.
Still watching: Rorouni Kenshin, Dragonball Z, Ayashi no Ceres, and Inu Yasha. Currently watching: Outlaw Star and Flame of Recca.
Favorite Video Game: Anything Squaresoft:) My fav of all time is still Chrono Trigger- only the most awesome game ever made IMHO...:) Currently playing FF9, FF5 on emulator, Chrono Cross, and the last of FF7.
Favorite "Classics": Slayers, esp. Next and Try, and the first anime series that I ever saw: Tenchi Muyo!:)

I forgot to mention another early fav: BLUE SEED! Omake Theater is the best!
First anime movie I remember seeing back on TBS in 1993- Robot Carnival (esp. loved Starlight Angel and Nightmare). I also liked Vampire Hunter D. I've been a fan of anime since 1986.

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