The Artist's Guide to Drawing Animals: How to Draw Cats, Dogs and Other Favorite Pets.

This book is available in many locations around the world. It is published by Watson-Guptill Publications, a division of Penguin Random House.

Book coverCreate Classic Portraits of Favorite Pets

The Artist’s Guide to Drawing Animals continues the rich tradition of animals in art. In this step-by-step guide to rendering your favorite animals in pencil and pen-and-ink, J. C. Amberlyn combines her love of pets and other familiar domestic creatures with her beautiful, detailed drawing style.

Covering a variety of animals from beloved pets like dogs and cats to barnyard critters like cows and sheep and many more, the book covers every species with easy-to-follow instructions for drawing them from every angle imaginable. Along with seven featured examinations of Amberlyn’s artistic process, each chapter showcases the tools and techniques needed to produce your own highly detailed, lifelike drawings of a variety of well-known animal companions. The worlds of artists and animal lovers come together in this richly illustrated, in-depth guide to producing charming portraits of some of the most popular pets and domesticated creatures.



Sample Artwork:

Basset HoundHorse EyePacman frog

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To My Readers...

My third book is here! "The Artist's Guide to Drawing Animals: How to Draw Cats, Dogs, and Other Favorite Pets" is a bit more like Drawing Wildlife than Drawing Manga because of the emphasis on realistic drawings of animals- and their anatomical structures. The book features multiple step-by-step drawings of all kinds of domestic animals, from cats to canaries to cows, as well as a look at various breeds of animals. There are also several "artist's process" demonstrations where I show how I tackled drawings that presented me with difficulties or where I explain how to deal with common artistic problems. I hope that this book will be a welcome addition to any animal lover's or artist's bookshelf!

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