SPIRAL is the title of an continuing epic fantasy story that is being published through Radio Comix's MangaPhile. It has appeared in Mangaphile #15 (including the cover!), #16, #19, and #20 so far.

You’ve heard the story many times: an Earth girl or boy is mysteriously transported to another world, where they have many weird and wonderful adventures and often end up saving the strange new land from certain doom. What would happen, though, if the WRONG PERSON was sent by mistake? Just who sends these people across dimensions anyway? This is what the story of Spiral is about- the journey one girl takes when she is mistakenly sent to a far-away fantasy world and the efforts of CIPDA, the agency in charge of inter-dimensional travel and story functionality and inspiration, to get her back. The story begins with CIPDA employee Lycrah (who looks suspiciously like a “magical pretty girl” from that anime genre) and her mistaken approval of an inter-dimensional-transfer for an Earth girl named Lydia. As the error manages to crash CIPDA’s entire computer system, Lycrah is forced to go searching for Lydia herself and return the Earth girl to her own planet. Lydia, the earth girl, has no clue as to where she has just been sent, or why. To add to the complications is the fact that Lydia has been given a shape-changing Gryphon Pendant and Lycrah must find her before she activates it! Naturally, the Gryphon Pendant is activated and Lydia’s problems are made all the worse because now she appears to be a gryphon to everyone she meets! This is a story I've been developing for a very long time, and I'm pleased to finally be presenting it to you! :) I hope it will have a broad appeal- there is a dash of anime, action and adventure, anthropomorphic animals, and magic throughout it- something for almost everyone who likes the same kind of stuff I do, I hope.

Anyone who has had a chance to read the story- drop me a line! I'd love to hear what people think!

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Various sketches of Lydia. Lydia. A collage of actual panels from the latest chapter of Spiral. Sketches of Caisin. More sketches of Caisin. Caisin- I like this drawing, but I did put his sword sheath on the wrong side. Portrait of Caisin. Sketch of Lydia mirrored in her human and gryphon form. I'd like to color this in sometime. Part of what was used for the cover of Mangaphile #15. A drawing of the two main female characters: 
  Lydia and Lycrah (and her Space Chicken sidekick). There is actually a real life gryphon pendant- 
  I made it myself in jewelery class- chase and repose with a sheet of copper. 
  It has yet to change me into a gryphon, however. :) One of many concept sketches exploring Lydia and 
  Caisin's character design. Another concept sketch while developing Lydia's 
  hairstyle- almost but not quite there. More character concept sketches of Lydia. Lydia in her gryphon form. Caisin- the mysterious young swordsman. Lydia- and her gryphon form. Lycrah... and sidekick. Here is a pen-and-ink drawing of Lydia before 
  coloring. Here is the same image after coloring 
  in Photoshop.

Latest News:

I haven't forgotten Spiral! I haven't been able to work on it as much as I'd like due to working full-time on my "How to Draw Wildlife" book. However, now that that is done, I plan to get back to work on Spiral! I'm still eager to tell the story and hope it will continue to be well-received.


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