Space Chicken

The zany world of Space Chicken was born from a video game concept and lives on today. I had an assignment at school to create the idea for a video game and thus Space Chicken and Space Weasel were born! Two friends hopped on board to work on the project and Farmer Bob, the Star Cows, and all the other wacky features and props of this world were created. Later, when I received my assignment to do a group 3D animation project, I convinced my group members that Space Chicken was the way to go! We were not given time to finish the project but we did get some animation done, and I'm proud of what we made in the little time we had. Space Chicken and Space Weasel continue to live on today. In fact, if you check out my "Spiral" story page, you'll see a familiar face- er, beak! Space Weasel will probably also make an appearance in "Spiral" at some point in the future.

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Character Sheets and Concept Sketches

Space Chicken character sheet Space Weasel character sheet The Bad Egg!(There's one in every 
    bunch!) A page from my portfolio 
    explaining the concept with lots of images. The very first sketches of 
    Space Weasel, direct from my sketchbook. The second Space Weasel 
    and Space Chicken page from my sketchbook. One of Farmer Bob's first 
    appearances. The cover to my gaming group's 
    final project report. The Got Milk? pic I did for 
    a friend.

Images, Concepts, and Storyboards from the 3D Animation

The first page of our group 
    animation storyboard, explaining the layout and actions before we set to work 
    animating. I did the images you see, first in pencil, then pen, and then colored 
    in Photoshop. The second page of the storyboard. The third page of the storyboard. 
    (Many more pages after this one!) A 3D Space chicken modeled, textured, 
    and animated by me in SoftImage. Another view.

View Animation

Here's a small avi. of animation I did of Space Chicken jumping out a window. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have hidden the geometry on his tail- the black grid you see wasn't there in the finished version...This was a working draft at the time I made it. (Notice that the lighting and textures aren't complete yet either. Play this in "repeat" mode and you'll have an endless stream of Space Chickens jumping out the window!:)

Click here for the test avi. (128 KB)


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