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JC and Popcorn, the kangaroo rat

J.C. Amberlyn loves art, animals, and adventure in the Great Outdoors. She is an artist, book author, photographer, and animator. Her creative goal is to create visual and written works of art that strike a chord with her audience and that express her love for the life that shares this planet with us. Her work has received a number of awards and recognitions and has been published in various media, including fine art magazines, comic books and the New York Times!

She has written and illustrated three successful how-to-draw books: “Drawing Wildlife”, “Drawing Manga Animals, Chibis, and Other Adorable Creatures”, and the soon-to-be-published “The Artist's Guide to Drawing Animals: How to Draw Cats, Dogs, and Other Favorite Pets” (coming in November, 2012). All are published by Watson-Guptill Publications, a division of Random House. JC’s work as a photojournalist for the Kingman Daily Miner has resulted in numerous state and local awards for photography and writing. Photojournalism has allowed her to meet many interesting people and see beautiful places and she feels privileged to be able to observe and document the ebb and flow of life in her local community. She was especially honored to receive recognition from the Arizona Game and Fish Department for her work on wildlife in 2008 (Outdoor Writer of the Year) and a community award from Kingman, Arizona for her contributions to the arts in her community (Women Making History (Arts)).

JC loves epic stories, engaging characters, inspiring art, and the various forms of media that allow people to share these stories- whether they are movies, graphic novels, TV shows or video games. She’s liked Japanese animation and comics (anime and manga) since she was a teenager. JC has worked as a 3D animator and character designer for a video game company and written and illustrated several comic book stories, including the anime/manga-inspired “Spiral” and the talking animal adventure “Out of Oakwood Forest”. A version of the latter story (taking place at Grand Canyon National Park) called “Hanging On” has appeared in comic strip form in the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper. JC has designed several mascots and logos and has been a Featured Author every year at the KABAM book festival. This includes putting on several talks, school visits and drawing demonstrations.

When she is not walking the creative landscapes of her mind, JC enjoys walking the landscapes of nature. An avid outdoors person, she has spent countless hours, days, and weeks exploring the Great Outdoors and observing wildlife. She has been to numerous National Parks and National Forests. As a young teen, she explored the woodlands near her home, climbing trees to spy on bobcats and birds and finding “treasure” such as fossils and animal skulls. Once, the young naturalist found an entire deer skeleton (which was brought home to study anatomy, of course)! It is this intimate knowledge and experience with nature that informs her art and helps her create convincing animal drawings, whether the animals are realistic or fantasy-based. JC has also long been involved with pet rescue and wildlife rehabilitation, including taking care of an injured kangaroo rat named Popcorn for almost eight years! Her home is currently shared with several dogs, a gecko, a tarantula, and two tiger salamanders.


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