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Fantasy and Anthropomorphic Artwork

I enjoy drawing fantasy creatures, from anthropomorphic animals to mythical beasts. It is an interesting challenge creating my own new "species" (part of my love for character design) or style. In addition, after drawing very realistic wildlife for extended periods of time, I find it sometimes helps to "let loose" and have fun with a subject, and some very stylized and unusual-looking drawings are the result.

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Click here to go to my Guest Art page. A big thank you to everyone who sent me these wonderful pictures! For more stylized wildlife pieces, be sure to visit my Fine Art and Illustration page.

Anthropomorphic Animals

Lean and mean- Werewolf with black marker Wolf Were- watercolor and colored pencils Reflecting (In more ways that one)- Red Fox- acrylics on masonite board I had several requests for a hyena, and this is the result. Colored pencils. Rainshadow the 'yote, riding fast! Colored pencils. This was on the cover of the comic book Furrlough #117! Colored pencils and markers. Flapper Serval- colored pencils and markers. I have an interest in the Flapper look and era... Scottish (red) squirrel... previous web illustration inspired by my trip to Scotland! Snobunny and...uh,... friend? Pen and watercolor- done as a request.

Fantasy Creatures

What would happen if you crossed a puffin and a gryphon? A pufphon!(Digital image.) These are karmacs- something I created years ago... sort of a mix of dragon, gryphon, bear, cougar, wolf...and chipmunk! Skitz is on the left, Betz on the right. Colored pencil. More of the karmac, Skitz. Black colored pencil. A kirin! Pencil. I wondered what a robotic jackrabbit would look like... black marker and digital. A feminine robot. More creature creation... a big turtle-fish. A shrew/bandicoot type of creature- its tail distracts enemies from its vital areas as it escapes from danger.

Stylized and (slightly) Anthropomorphic Animals

Pine Marten done as a thank you. Colored pencil. Gotta love pine martens... Stylized pronghorn- pencil. Abert's Squirrels and a pinecone necklace. Pencil. Mountain goats are cool... they kind of remind me of kirins, for some reason... Pencil. Porcupine! Pencil. Stylized critters: bison, javelina, pronghorn. I love drawing moths- especially the big sphinx moths. Pencil. Sphinx moth. This won third place in the Drawing Category at the Arizona State Fair one year. A lounging lynx. Pencil. Kitties! Pencil. Owl sketches... I enjoy drawing owls. Geckos are fun to draw, too. Pencil and digital.

Other Stuff

The aim of this drawing was to draw a human while suggesting an animal, in this case a pronghorn.= Top: A stylized representation of my online alter-ego, DesertCoyote. Bottom: Two women. A design for a fish-themed fountain.... Pen. A D&D-type warrior finds more than he bargained for.... Pen.

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