Guest Artwork and Convention Sketches

These are drawings done at Conventions and other gatherings by various people, as well as gift art sent to me. I've also included some of the drawings I did for other people.

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Other People's Artwork

Wow!!! A gorgeous full color sketch of ME by Eric Elliot/iisaw!!!!!Yes, I do have howling coyote earrings- though no, they're not quite this kitschy....:) A super-cute sprite of Yipper Coyote by Thornwolf! Thank you! Talyn Greywolf has done several pieces of art for me- thank you! Another one by Talyn. :) A very sweet cheer-up image by Pawpad. Thank you!


Art That I Did For Others

Generally, someone will hand me a sketchbook with a theme to it, and I have to draw something in accordance with that theme- and there were a few very strange ones.....

A male Centaur. The theme was winged coyotes. Okaaaaay- the theme was Unusual Furries Doing Unusual I drew Bondage Moth. It was late, and I hadn't had any sleep, OK? /\_/\

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