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Best of JC Amberlyn

Character Design

Lyra and Space Chicken- Photoshop. Mayan-inspired warrior woman- Photoshop. Mayan-inspired warrior man- Photoshop. Weather icons designed for the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper.Yser Coyote- mascot designed for the Mohave County One-Stop.

 My Out of Oakwood Forest characters. Drawn by hand, then colored in Photoshop.  Caisin, the fighter from Spiral. Drawn by hand, then colored in Photoshop. Lydia, Lycrah, and Space Chicken from Spiral.  Space Weasel!!! These are karmacs- something I created years ago... sort of a mix of dragon, gryphon, bear, cougar, wolf...and chipmunk! Skitz is on the left, Betz on the right. Colored pencil.

Illustration and Fantasy

Two goofy owls- painted digitally in Painter. Two desert cottontails. Inspired by the courtship dance of cottontails and by the colorful clothing of the Navajo Nation. Watercolor and colored pencils. Illustration for my comic strip, Jaguarundi illustraion (mostly done in Painter) for Wild Cats of the World card deck. Bobcat illustraion (Photoshop and Painter) for Wild Cats of the World card deck. Mountain goat pencil illustration done for my first book Drawing Wildlife. Anthropomorphic Rhino Beetle and moth Bobcat-pencil Two gannets are puzzled by the appearance of a puffin. Inspired by my trip to Scotland, and a visit to a island covered with gannets! What would happen if you crossed a puffin and a gryphon? A pufphon!(Digital image.) T-shirt design. Arizona coyote and silence-loving saguaros. Sphinx moth. This won third place in the Drawing Category at the Arizona State Fair one year. (Digital) Highly stylized bobcat design- Painter.

Fine Art

Hunting Lesson: Coyote family- acrylic 24 by 30 inches- This won Best of Show- Professional Fine Arts Division, at the local County Fair, 1995 (Digital image) Mexican wolf portrait- Painter. Rattlesnake pattern- can you find the hidden images? Watercolor and charcoal pencil.  My commissioned Cheetahs painting. Acrylic, 30 by 40 inches. A lot of work went into this one! Spots and Stripes: Black-tailed deer fawns (California)- Max oil paints 20 by 16 inches Eternal Vigilance- Very painterly Max oil painting of a mule deer doe and her fawn- (based on deer that I saw at the Grand Canyon, Arizona)- 20 by 16 inches. Abert (or tassel-eared) Squirrels- acrylic 20 by 16 inches on canvas (appeared in May/June 1998 issue of Wildlife Art Magazine)  A wary wolf gives you a look. Charcoal.


Award-winning photo of the Grand Canyon Skywalk Kids jumping rope Cowboy flies head-first off of a bull at rodeo Award-winning photo of kid at carwash DancerWalk in the park
Horse Soccer Allen's Lappet-Browed Bat- Calendar contest winner Katydid (insect) disguised in the leaves of a tree Two wild desert bighorn sheep rams photographed during rutting season Mallard ducks in Sedona, Arizona Fox stare




2D Animation- Out of Oakwood Forest: The Travel Tree Adventure/Lydia and the Waterfall.


These are two pieces of 2D (hand-drawn) animation that I created while attending The Art Institute of Phoenix.The 1st sequence features my "Out of Oakwood Forest: Travel Tree Adventure" animation, starring my characters Justin O'Possum, Rocky Road Raccoon and Yipper Coyote (with a cameo appearance by Angelica the Stellar's Jay). The 2nd sequence is "Lydia and the Waterfall". We were to animate a character going over a waterfall- complete with their reaction to the whole matter. I chose my anime-inspired human character Lydia from my comic book story "Spiral". Just to make things difficult I kept her coat and hat! Both animations were drawn with pencil. (1 minute.)

Other 2D Animation. The spiral icon denotes a link to animation.

Highly recommended: Click here to view my original Flash introduction to this website. (Some links at the end do not work anymore.)

3D Computer Animation- Character animations for a video game (not published).

Punk jumping down. I did the design of and animation for this character.(761 KB)

Punk. One of my favorites- the taunt! C'mon, make my day....(853 KB)

Fairy. Jump Attack- I thought up this ponytail attack.(141 KB)

Fairy- Bored.(1530 KB)


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