Fine Art and Illustration

I've enjoyed painting, drawing and exploring the Great Outdoors all of my life. I can work in a variety of traditional media, from oils and acrylics to watercolor, charcoal, pen and ink, or more. If I'm not outdoors you're likely to find me on the computer, using Photoshop, Painter, or perhaps editing some video I just shot. I greatly enjoy the challenge of drawing stylized, yet believable, people and animals with plenty of expression and personality. In any artwork I do, I attempt to portray anatomical accuracy, emotion, and that indelible quality that gives artwork "life". I love exploring big cities and seeing all the people, art and cultural experiences one can find there, and some of that is reflected in my second book, "Drawing Manga Animals, Chibis and Other Adorable Creatures". However, I'm well known for my love of the outdoors, and years of first-hand experience with wildlife and nature helped me as I created my first how-to-draw book, "Drawing Wildlife", published by Watson-Guptill in February 2005. What an amazing journey both books have been! I've also had a lot of support from my family and friends, making it all possible- thank you!

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Various wildlife sketches done for the newspaper Steampunk-inspired atlatl design Steampunk-ish girl Sketch-tough guy Yipper Coyote-charcoal pencil Yipper Coyote-Painter Roxie the Pup- Painter Tanner Squirrel-digital-Painter Toad sketches- Painter Yowler Wolf-angry Yowler Wolf sketch-markers Wombat of Serenity- markers and colored pencils Wolf characters-study-digital Whitetail fawn- pencil Curiosity-young mule deer-digital Sad- pencil Furr Coyote and Yowler Wolf- Painter and Photoshop Some guys observing something...= Easter Jackalope for children's coloring Kangaroo rat- PainterSketch of a killdeer putting on a wounded display Irish dog and cat used for local St. Patrick's Day event advertizing Furr Coyote sketches Unused Five of Clubs design for a deck of cards Illustration for my comic strip, Jaguarundi illustraion (mostly done in Painter) for Wild Cats of the World card deck. Bobcat illustraion (Photoshop and Painter) for Wild Cats of the World card deck. Mountain goat pencil illustration done for my first book Drawing Wildlife. Anthropomorphic Rhino Beetle and moth Bobcat-pencil Lynx-pencil Two desert cottontails. Inspired by the courtship dance of cottontails and by the colorful clothing of the Navajo Nation. Watercolor and colored pencils. Two young desert coyotes experience rain for the first time. Watercolor and colored pencil. Two gannets are puzzled by the appearance of a puffin. Inspired by my trip to Scotland, and a visit to a island covered with gannets! T-shirt design. Arizona coyote and silence-loving saguaros. An illustration of some moth-people done for a role-playing game project presentation. Year of the Dragon- acrylic painting background, finished with Illustrator and Photoshop Collage of a herd of elk in their Ponderosa pine forest environment- watercolor and pen-and-ink.

Fine Art

Two wolves play amidst the grandeur of the Rockies.  A wary wolf gives you a look. Charcoal. Desert Bighorn Sheep- this won Best of Show- Professional Fine Arts Division- at the local County Fair. Max oils on canvas. Rattlesnake pattern- can you find the hidden images? Watercolor and charcoal pencil.  Hunting Lesson: Coyote family- acrylic 24 by 30 inches- This won Best of Show- Professional Fine Arts Division, at the local County Fair, 1995 Abert (or tassel-eared) Squirrels- acrylic 20 by 16 inches on canvas (appeared in May/June 1998 issue of Wildlife Art Magazine) Spots and Stripes: Black-tailed deer fawns (California)- Max oil paints 20 by 16 inches My commissioned Cheetahs painting. Acrylic, 30 by 40 inches. A lot of work went into this one! Eternal Vigilance- Very painterly Max oil painting of a mule deer doe and her fawn- (based on deer that I saw at the Grand Canyon, Arizona)- 20 by 16 inches. Another, even more painterly picture of a doe. I call this one Neon Bambi! Acrylic, 20 by 16 inches. It was the start of my current understanding of color. Mountain lion is confronted by two Steller's Jays. Acrylic. Based on finding fresh cougar tracks on a snow-topped log. Yes, I do something besides animals. Here are wild irises! Watercolor, about 15 by 10 inches. (Digital image) Mexican wolf portrait- Painter. Pen and ink drawing of a javelina (collared peccary) family.

Life Drawings

Life sketches. Life sketches. Female nudes. More female nudes. Male nudes and clothed models. Male model reclining- 30 minute sketch

Field Sketches

An important part of wildlife art is going out in the field and making sketches from life. Here are some of those sketches as well as studies of found dead animals.

Gray fox pups and a baby saw-whet owl. Elk (wapiti) sketches. Sketches of a serval (cat) from a drawing session at Further Confusion. Watercolor sketches of a (dead) barn owl. A study of a road-killed raccoon. Sketches of a cardinal, a sparrow, and some inca doves. I believe these were called an eared pheasant and a silver pheasant. From-memory pastel study of a forest fire that I had observed the previous night.

Fan Art

It can be fun and educational to draw other people's characters, experimenting with different styles and looks.

Tamama from Sgt. Frog. Relicanth from Pokemon. Luxray and Haunter from Pokemon. Toboe from Wolf's Rain. Starscream and Megatron from G1 Transformers cartoon.

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