2D and 3D Animation

Welcome to my animation page. Here I've included animation-related movie clips from my years at The Art Institute of Phoenix. I have also included clips of my work as a 3D video game artist at Cinematix Studios.

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2D Animation

Out of Oakwood Forest- The Travel Tree Adventure.

I worked on a 2D animation project off and on for about two years while a student at The Art Institute of Phoenix. It is called "Out of Oakwood Forest- The TravelTree Adventure." I have more than 30 seconds of animation completed- that's hundreds and hundreds of drawings. It started as a class "Bus Stop" assignment, where I had my character Justin O'possum waiting for something to arrive- except that here it wasn't a bus, it was the TravelTree, a crazy flying contraption that goes back to the children's book my family worked on years ago (and would still love to see published)! Rocky Road raccoon, Justin's best friend and co-creator of the TravelTree, arrives and the two are on their way! I've added scenes where they are flying through the woods, encounter a lake, and eventually run into (almost literally) Yipper Coyote!

Video Clip: Click here to view the first part of "The Travel Tree"! (3543 KB)

From my portfolio: A page of scenes from the opening of The TravelTree Adventure.

From my portfolio: The second page of opening scenes.

Video Clip: I also did this "Spiral"-related 2D animation project. We were to show a character going over a waterfall- complete with their reaction to the whole matter. I chose my human character Lydia from "Spiral", and just to make things difficult I kept her coat and hat! It was certainly a challenge but I think it turned out well. For the video clip, click here. (1465 KB)

Highly recommended: Click here to view my original Flash introduction to this website. (The links at the end do not work anymore.)

3D Animation

Cinematix Studios (Video Game character animation- 3D Studio Max)

First project: Fairy/sprite/nymph animations

Impact (on wall or another surface).(283 KB)

Jump Attack- I thought up this ponytail attack.:).(141 KB)

Bored.(1530 KB)

2nd Project: A street punk I did the character design for, then animated!

Punk jumping down.(761 KB)

Punk jumping out a window.(590 KB)

One of my favorites- the taunt! C'mon, make my day....(853 KB)

Death!(831 KB)

Yet another way to die! (858 KB)

3rd Project: This would have been a major character.

A complicated evading right jump. (418 KB)


3D Art Projects- The Art Institute of Phoenix- 3D Studio Max (unless stated otherwise)

I was planning on doing an animation of my character Yipper Coyote being chased by a mountain lion across rough terrain. Unfortunately, I never got the time to complete this project. I had Yipper modeled, but he had so many errors on him that I started all over again- but never got to finish.

To view an avi. file of some the original animation with the first complete scene and first model of Yipper, click here. (2839 KB) I modeled everything in this video. The texture mapping still needed a lot of work.

To view an early test of Yipper howling, click here. (888 KB)

From my portfolio: 3D still images of Yipper and the setting of the story.

My other AIPX project: Space Chicken animated in SoftImage! To see an early test of Space Chicken jumping out a window, click here. (128 KB)


I enjoy doing storyboards. Here are some examples from my "Yipper Coyote and the Mountain Lion" project:

The first page of my storyboard.

The second page.

The third page.


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